Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dear life, slow down a little!

I must say that on a weekly basis. 

There's never enough time to procrastinate and get all my work done...  I guess that's the point.
Mostly the whole idea of being a fiancée is just sinking in, it took a solid week on the wedding section of Pinterest before I could calm myself down enough to start doing real life things again.

Of course, real life started with homework, I'm still working on that one. And of course, work. Now, I can't really complain about work because I have an amazing job, I work as a clown doctor. I had my second in clown shift today, meaning I was dressed up and interacting with residents. I'm still new and sometimes nervous, but I still cant help but enjoy the interactions I get to have with people. It's amazing what people have gone through, and as I've mentioned before, I love to hear peoples stories. Today, I got to talk to a 90 year old gentleman who has literally travelled the world. I could only imagine what it would be like to wear his shoes for a day, and to really feel what he's done and see where's he's been. I really think that one of the flaws our society has as of late is our disregard for our elderly, which does effect them and their own self worth... if you didn't know that already. They truly have had experiences that we can't even fathom, and I feel truly honoured to get to connect with some of these people as my job. Not only interact, but hopefully to make them smile and have a little fun in return. 

But for now, it's back to work, as I'm sure you guessed this post in itself was procrastination. 

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