Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A box full of sunshine!

To start, I wanted to share my "sunshine" moment of this week, I'M GOING TO OTTAWA! This year for my birthday/Christmas Jeff got us a trip to Ottawa together. We leave tomorrow morning on a flight from Windsor. I'm so excited! We've never been on a trip together, this should be fun! I'm sure I'll post an update during or after the trip, probably after can't waste time online when I'll be in such a beautiful city. I'm going to admit there is one thing I'm afraid of for this trip... the cold. Being a southwestern Ontario girl, it doesn't get too chilly down here... At least I'll have my man to warm me up! 
My "cloudy" moment of this week, so much schoolwork already. Or maybe it's just stress getting the better of me! I'm back in school for my last semester of undergrad (WHAT?!?!). So it's back to books, and papers, and green tea and late nights. 

During last exam period, Christmas time, my roommates decided instead of doing a traditional "secret santa" we should just do something nice for the person we had chose, something to brighten their day... I took that quite literally. So I found this thing on Pinterest.... I think I say that in almost every post.... Anyways, the idea for a "Box of sunshine" is essentially just a box of yellow things that have the potential to brighten someone's day. So I set off to my favorite store, Dollarama and grabbed all the delicious and fun yellow things I could find! When I got home I found some quotes about sunshine and tossed those in as well, and voila! 

In  Sydney's box of sunshine: 
Candy with yellow wrappers (Mr. Big, Crunchie, Toblerone, mini M&Ms) 

Juicy Fruit Gum 
Stress Ball 
Fuzzy Socks 
Snapple Iced Tea 
Cat treats (obviously, for her cat not her) 
Werthers candies and chocolate loonies to sprinkle throughout 
Garland for decorations 
Sunshine quotes 

You can download the sunshine quotes I used here

From what I saw, Sydney really enjoyed it and it was super easy to make! It's like the perfect combo.

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