Thursday 7 June 2012

Pinterest Project: Beer Cake

I can't get enough of Pinterest, when I find something good I have to try it, so here's my latest project..

Beer Cake 
Pinterest version: 

My version:

I saw the original version of the beer cake here, mine isn't as big but It worked out just fine! There was no tutorial online, so I decided to write up a mini tutorial if anyone else is wanting to try it out. I made this one for my boyfriend's birthday and he loved, I know he'll put it to good use!!

What you need: 
25 cans of beer 
1 bottle of beer 
decorative ribbon
cardboard/wood square, to be used for the base
number candles (optional)

1. Gather your supplies! 

Before doing the project I had no idea what I'd need, in the end I didn't use the Corona tall boys and I added one bottle of Coors light. 

2. Place cans in a circle, glue to base and secure with ribbon

You can really make the cake as large as you want, I opted for two tiers. Although I didn't do it here, you should try to glue your cans to your base. I payed for it later when the cake fell apart during transportation, luckily it was an easy fix.

3. Place a second tier of 6 cans of beer, surrounding one bottle of beer in the middle, secure with ribbon. 
I didn't glue the second tier, I didn't want the lids to be filled with glue, if you're careful you can probably get away without glue-ing them. 

4. Glue candles to the neck of the beer bottle and add some decorations if you want! 

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