Friday, 2 November 2012

The Halloween Post

Since I'm older now (in years, not really attitude) Halloween has become a different event. As a university student we tend to like to throw parties and have a few drinks for almost any occasion  so you can guess halloween is one of those can't miss occasions.  I must say the best part of Halloween this year was hosting a "Night of Fright, Frolicking and Fun" with my roommates. I think we've really found our calling in party hosting, we might even be planning a christmas party already, did I say that out loud? A few things came into play to make this party the bash that it was, but the most fun was our theme and decorations. As a house we decided to dress up as the Mean Girls on Halloween, ex-wife and all! 
Being the Mean Girls we needed a Burn Book, so we found some embarrassing pictures of friends that we knew would be good sports, took quotes from the movie and posted our very own burn book around the house. We had to invent a couple burns too, but all in good fun and only for people we knew well enough to kid around with! On top of this we had a prize for best costume and a house that was decked out in haunted house fashion. I used this great idea to put silhouettes in the windows, thanks to the domestic goddess herself, Martha Stewart. Along with some decorations of streamers, cob webs, a giant spider, some severed limbs, mason jars filled with body parts (eyes, fingers, a heart), and some caution tape we made our house extra spooky for our guests. We had the four seasons stop by, a surfeit of skunks, three witches, a few superheroes, a couple of gold diggers, Wendy and Colonel Sanders, a couple of Sandy's and Danny Zucko, well you get the picture.   

For the real halloween, aka October 31st me and my guy decided to do a couples costume. This my friends, was our first couples costume ever, it was exhilarating. I had a costume picked out and bought (a sailor) when I found a couple online with this costume and I dropped everything, texted Jeff, and got to work creating this masterpiece.

He was Dexter and I was his well wrapped and cut victim. 

This costume was so simple and so much fun! The people who watch the show loved it and the people who didn't just thought Jeff was a butcher.. which technically, he was the Bay Harbour Butcher. 
Did I mention it's basically a dollar store costume?! All the Dexter stuff that was bought came from good old Dollorama.
For Dexter: 
A vampire cape for the apron
Some string for the apron
Black dish gloves
Red paint 
A fake knife 
Already had: Cargo Paints & Brown Henley shirt

For the Victim: 
A nude coloured slip
Plastic Wrap
Fake Blood

For Dexter I cut out an apron shape from the dracula cape, you could probably just find a black apron already made, but I couldn't so I attached some string to hold it up around the neck and attached some extra strips of cape to attach it around the waist. 
I splattered some red paint on the apron with a spoon, because we didn't have paint brushes, but it worked.
And that's it for Dex! 
For the victim I put on my slip and got my lovely roomate and friend Katie (aka Karen Smith) to wrap me in saran wrap. I used loop of tape under my arm to hold the starting point on then went to town spinning and wrapping. I stopped at about my hips and added a huge squirt of fake blood to my stomach, then wrapped the area again and continued all the way down to my legs.
Make sure you don't wrap it too tight or it'll be hard to breathe, and be prepared to sweat a little. 
Securing the bottom wasn't the easiest, but I tucked the last piece of saran wrap under the slip and secured it with a piece of tape.
Don't forget a cut on your cheek! I used some lipstick and fake blood.

Overall, halloween was a pretty good time this year! I had a blast and got to wear a couple homemade costumes made by or rather put together by yours truly.

Check out some pictures from the festivities... 


  1. How did you go to the washroom?

  2. It wasn't as bad is it would seem! I had a slip on underneath so I simply pulled the slip up and down as needed. There was some slight readjustment of the saran wrap needed, but nothing major.

  3. My boyfriend and I want to do this for Halloween! :) how much wrap did you end up using? Do you feel as though you were decently covered?