Friday, 23 November 2012

Time to Grow Up.

Well, I've been super MIA in the blogging world lately, I have exams and teacher's college applications to blame for that one!! You should know, exams don't end until december 14th so I'll probably be too busy pulling my hair out to blog. Actually, I would never pull my hair out, but I'll probably be cooking feasts to procrastinate. 

TEACHER'S COLLEGE, HOLY MOLY. The time has come, I seriously can't believe that I'm half way done my 4th year, and therefore one step closer to being done my undergraduate degree... FOREVER. Although I'm clearly excited to be getting to the next step of my life I'm also extremely sad to see this stage of my life go! I've learned so many things over the last 4 years and feel like I've also grown a lot as a person, not physically unfortunately (well there was the freshmen 15... let's not go there). Here's a shout out to all my Dreds that helped me get this far, even if I try I don't think I could forget you all! 
Now, we play the waiting game... until April 2nd to see if I actually get in to any of my teacher's college choices. But, before then my brain must return to French mode while I have to interview and write a written language test to get into Laurentienne and UOttawa.
 Did I mention I'm scared? terrified. I've gone to french school all my life before university, this is true. I've also worked for the French school board. Now ask me if I have any confidence in my French writing skills.... very little. I still remember in grade school finding friends to copy the grammaire answers from... Kids, don't copy from your friends you'll screw yourself later in life. Did you know, that in french objects are male or female? I don't know who gets to decide what deserves to be masculin or feminin, but I have to remember the things gender, don't want to offend the toaster by calling it a girl, how rude. As with most things in life, I'll get through it! 

Other than that I couldn't be more thrilled to take the steps towards becoming known as Mme Carey.

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