Monday, 7 January 2013

The Birthday/Christmas recap.

Now that I'm settled back into my house in Windsor... the copious amounts of shit I brought home is put away, there's fresh groceries in the fridge, I've showered and went to the gym already, I'm feeling pretty good. But I cant help to reminisce a little about the amazing time I spent at home during the Christmas break. Truth be told I was working with Ronald McDonald most days, but I still managed to get out and do things. Best of all, I paid off all my Christmas presents and got to work with some people I haven't seen in a while, it was grand. So working the break was really a win-win. Other than working my family and I went through the usual Christmas schedule, Christmas at meme and pepe's (with poutines!!!) nice and early, my birthday and Christmas eve dinner with the cousins followed my Jeff's family Christmas and cookie baking, Christmas breakfast at our place and finally Christmas day with my Dad's extended family... Well that was a mouthful, or really just a run-on sentence. The best part? I loved every minute of it. Christmas time always reminds me that I've really got a great family that I was born into as well as having "chose" a great family through Jeff. Nothing beats getting together and eating food, nothing

Both families got Apples to Apples for Christmas so obviously we had to play it! AWESOME GIFT.

The family picture. 

Mémé and Pépé... before he morphed into Santa. 

SANTA! I know him 
Eating leftovers the next day, I really needed a lot of room...
My two favourites, too bad only one is smiling!

Love them. 

Cupcake carrier Mémé & Pépé gave me, super cute. As for me, super cheesy. 

Putting my gift to good use with some Chocolate cupcakes topped with peanut butter cookie dough frosting!

Sleepy Koda with Dad. 

Aw, sisters. 

Sisters and the bfs! 

Me and Roxy wanted to catch a snooze. 

Birthday/Christmas Eve dinner with a Strawberry Daiquiri. 
And the Christmas dinner,  did you know I really like ham?
 And finally I really wanted to share what I made Jeff for his birthday. I bought him a couple things as well but I really wanted to do something more personal this year so after browsing Pinterest (what else is new...) I remembered the "52 things I love about you" on a deck of cards, and that was it. Some cards were just words, others had pictures. I was surprised how easily I came up with 52 things, at first I was worried I might have a hard time! Anywho, here's some of my favourite (and prettier) cards that we're included. 

 If you made it to the end of this, congrats! And I also hope you and your family had a great Christmas and an amazing New Year!

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