Thursday, 11 April 2013

Last day of undergrad

Today is a sad day, mother nature seems to agree and gave us cold and rainy weather to match. It's officially the last school day of my undergrad! On Monday I had my last DRED class with my year, and last night I TA-ed my last DRED class. I held it in, but so you're all aware I was bursting on the inside! I try to live in the moment as much as I can and decided to not think about how sad I'll be, but just to let it be because all good things must come to an end; this is one of my saddest ends. Of course, I'm happy to be done school but my university experience ended up being more than just school. 
You know how there's those days you never forget? Those, moments of impact (I watched the Vow this week...) that change the course of your life, getting in to DRED was one of those moments. 

I was working on a fashion show at my high school, choreographing a group of teachers, when I got a call from the office saying my dad was on the phone. We were in the gym, so I went to the gym teacher's office and picked up the phone to hear my dad tell me that the University of Windsor had called and they wanted me to call them back! I got the number and hung up on my dad, promising to call him back as soon as I could. I dialled the number for the University and I waited until who I now know as Gail answered and told me that I had been accepted into the Drama in Education & Community programme. Some screaming and some crying went on until I heard Gail say again "So, do you accept?", of course I said yes and the rest is history! Speaking of history, had I not gotten into DRED that's the programme I would have went into... what was I ever thinking! 

It's not easy to walk into a class and say whole heartedly that I like everyone there. Yes, sometimes some people annoy me, or I'd rather not work with someone (I'm only human!). But, I can wholeheartedly say that there is something I cherish about each and every member of my DRED class, you're all amazing.

As we all move on to bigger and greater things we'll take a little bit of each other and a lot of DRED with us. This programme taught us to be teachers, educators, community leaders, critical thinkers, story tellers, designers, artists, and even clowns. But, more importantly it taught us about ourselves and how to be the best person we can be. By learning about our talents and strengths, DRED gave us the ability to master them so they can be used to help others. No matter where we take our degree I believe that fundamental ideal of helping others is at the core of us, and is ultimately what brings us all together... we can't help but help each other! I've spent the last four years with 20-something people, of course we lost a few along the way, and in this final year gained a few more amazing additions to our class. I'll never forget a single one of you and I'll never forget some of the amazing moments we've had....

"Cheating is a developmental milestone!"
Getting way too into role drama and hiding under boxes and refusing to come out as we devised a plan to repopulate the earth in case of human extinction...
"DRED seshes"
Pedagogy & Praxis (duh) 
4th year Tina was much more loved than 2nd year Tina (sorry!) 
Setting fires in class, on purpose. 
Having my water break on stage 
Being rocks, or trees, or keys, or waterfalls, or cats, or 2nd graders (or was it 2 year olds??), or principals, or psychiatric patients, or cats (yes, again), or anything really because the first rule of improv is to always say yes.
 "Let's eat movies and watch popcorn!!"
We've been serenaded by a british clown who tells the dirtiest jokes 
Making digital narratives 
We've sat on mats (that later evolved into chairs for some) 
staying up all night writing logs 
Having little to no guidelines, but making a presentation anyway
The Catalina wine mixer 
We've rolled and writhed around on wood floors 
Tequila birthdays 
We know how long a Gail paper should be, say it with me: As long as it needs to be. 
We've had teaching partners that have turned into best friends 
We've had sushi dates and celebrated birthdays together 
We've had pot lucks & pre-drinks 
We've had the time of our lives.

DRED class of 2013, It's been a slice, I'll always miss you and good luck with the rest of your lives!!

I'll leave you with this gem of a song by Jake & Seth, makes me tear up every time... 

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