Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Moo no more.

Let's slap this on my forehead. 
Well for those of you that follow the catholic calendar, or who just follow events in general you'll know that today is mardi gras aka Fat Tuesday or Packzi day. This all means that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and that lent has begun. It's always a challenge to find something to give up for lent, this year was no different and I know this year is going to be rough. So as I sit here with my last McFlurry, I'm going to make it official by writing it here that I'm going to give up dairy for 40 days. 
I mean I'm lactose intolerent anyway, so I'd be doing my body a favour!! But, I love cheese. Milk I can do without, but cheese is another story. I needed some help being convinced so I decided to gross myself out, after I was done my McFlurry of course. I started by re-reading the Dairy section of Skinny Bitch. Truth be told, I skipped it my first round through the book... I didn't want to taint my thoughts of my beloved cheese. I also just googled "reasons to give up dairy". Basically, milk is made fo baby cows, it's fulls of hormones  cow's are treated so well, they're given lots of antibiotics... and I'll stop boring you there. I should still be able to eat all my favorite foods, just a little differently. Such as using soy or almond milk instead of cow's milk, I already do this and it's not that bad. As well as my discovery of veggie cheese! Sounds disgusting, yes, BUT it's not that bad at all and comes in slices just like Kraft makes. I might need to find some other alternatives, but for now I'm going to eat all the cheese and ice cream I can. Let's all pray I don't vomit. 

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