Sunday, 2 December 2012

Me during exams... in Elf and the Grinch gifs.

My top two favourite Christmas movies are the Grinch and Elf, my least two favourite things are studying and writing papers. This seemed like the best way to update you on my life during exams. 

Trying to find clothes, who has time for laundry?

 I have a paper due and an exam that I need to study for

Thinking about all the free time I'll have when exams are over

When I'm on my 5th meal of the day

Justifying a facebook break after writing one sentence of a paper

When people in the library seem upset

Studying for pretty much anything

How I feel thinking about all the work I need to do

On the bright side, there's only 23 days left until christmas! Which means 22 until my birthday. Good luck to all the students for the next couple weeks... I'm sure we'll all need it! 

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