Tuesday, 31 July 2012

DIY: White board

An essential for the university home is definitely a white board. Now that I'm going into my last year of university, I figured it was time to take a step up from the traditional white board. 
I was lucky enough to have this poster frame lying around the house, so for me it was free but you could easy go to a second hand store or your local VV boutique (aka Value Village, but doesn't boutique sound nicer?) and find a large frame, just make sure there's glass or plastic in it. Next, I went to Dollorama and found some nice wrapping paper... and that's it! Remove the picture from the frame, cover the backing with the wrapping paper reinsert into the frame and voila! Could it really be any easier?! 
The supplies: Frame & Wrapping Paper

Finished Product... Almost!

If you're like me and lose anything that's not directly attached to my body, it might be a good idea to use some velcro strips to attach the markers to the side of the frame... again, very simple. 

Voila! .. Please ignore my spelling mistake. 

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