Sunday, 2 July 2017

Photo Session: Dillon, Devin & the dogs.

This winter I got a message from on old friend asking if I would like to join a volleyball team. I immediately said yes and began to spend my Monday nights on the court with some great ladies. The person I have to thank for that message is Dillon! I'm so happy she asked me to play volleyball and to capture herself and her two and four legged loves. 

After weeks of scheduling and rescheduling thanks to the long process that is post concussion, we finally found a date that we and my head agreed with. We took a drive out to Wheatley and down Pier Rd to Holiday Harbour Campground. If you've never been there, you need to change that! I'm sure once you're done with these photos you'll want to visit the beach where they were taken.

As the sun set, we rolled around in the sand (okay, that one was mostly me.), got cozy and took in what nature and the campground had to offer in the way of beach wood and greenery. If I didn't have a camera in my hand and people sitting quite perfectly in front of me I could have drifted away on that beach. 

Koda was the most excited for the shoot, he told me all about it on the car ride there. Thunder the Retriever wasn't far behind in spirits but, was happiest when lounging on the beach. I yelled about cookies, squirrels, and treats all the while reassuring them of what they already knew that they we're indeed good boys. Humans and dogs alike couldn't have looked better against  nature's most beautiful backdrop: a beach at sunset. 

Thanks so much to Dillon, Devin, Koda, Thunder and their amazing friend and dog wrangler Rhiannon who held the dogs while they were out of the frames. I also need to send a huge thanks out to Holiday Harbour for letting us use their beach to make these sweet photos happen. 

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