Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday morning pick me up: My favorite radio show

Oh Monday, I hate you, we all hate you. Got a case of the Mundays? Well, I've found a fix... for the morning anyway.

Now, before I go on, you have to promise not to judge me. I'm going to go out on a limb and share with you my all time favourite radio morning show. This shows is the only reason I even remotely look forward Mondays, because they only play during the week. If you live in the Windsor/Detroit area I hope you know what I'm about to say, if not I may just be about to change your mornings.
If you've got a radio nearby, turn it to 88.7 also known as the station 89x. During normal hours it's an alternative rock station, which I enjoy, but in the morning it's literally a RIOT. Now before you tune it, let me tell you this show is NOT safe for work and should not be listened to around virgin ears. ...You better not be judging me right now.

If you can't catch the station on the radio it's also available online, just click the listen live link at the top. This station is basically all the things you wanted to know as a young teen, and lets you act like a kid again by encouraging callers to say the word that starts with a P pertaining to the male genitalia when they call in. The show consists of the hilarious trio of Dave, Chuck the Freak and Lisa (your poor, poor woman, you are a saint!). From special guests like Leon the Sex Coach, Walmart Security Guard, Andrew the Man Expert this show will make you laugh and give you some fun facts to share with your friends. Be prepared to be offended, to be grossed out, to be intrigued, and most of all to laugh till you cry. I've literally had to stop running before because I was laughing so hard... that funny.
Not feeling the show itself? Check out their twitter for regular updates about the stories they feature, or the shows blog has all the stories they feature put down in writing. If you can tune in! The dynamic of three mixed with the (sometimes crazy) callers is a hoot and will definitely give you a reason to smile on a Monday.

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